The Cruise/Holmes couple in the New York Time Style

The couple the more paparazzé of Los Angeles, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, accepted to put in the New York Time Style for a set in black and white, taken by photographer Solve Sundsbo,:



In a style recalling the Hollywood movies of the years 40, maybe that in 60 years, will one remember them as two impeccable actors, maybe same as the best of their generation, who knows?

Whereas today, one likes rightly to swing on Tom and his/her/its passion for the Scientologie and to analyze every morning Katie's look, when she/it is going to repeat for his/her/its next piece on Broadway.

The advice of Bouli: the shoes to pointed tip

Name: Bouli

Age: 11 years

Particularities: Dog of Tori Spelling, don't like Liam, the son of Tori Spelling, Ed Hardy Clothes of bad precocious sartorial taste,

Creator Favori: Marc Jacobs

If Cheap Ed Hardy eat a kilogram of my biologic croquettes, then maybe that I would stoop to saying some a lot of shoes to pointed tip. Evidently I mock: it would be necessary indeed that I am in the kind of situation where one meets with a revolver on the temple to say although it is of positive on proletarian's shoes. Me n'have since two kind of "women" that carried these horrors: of the girls of 14 years and drug addicts, either of the lost women whose preoccupations are well far from those that must have people of the feminine sex an elegant trifle. Excuse me, but Discount Ed Hardy don't add anymore to the Middle Ages and you n'are not Cunégonde. Did you already see Kate Moss with a shoe to pointed tip? No. Oh the her, I wonder reason well! (Yes, I am ironic.)


The new TopShop collection of Kate Moss

It is the 10th collection of Kate Moss (and I don't say that to exaggerate, kind "oh it is his/her/its 345th collection", no no, it is indeed the tenth collection of Kate Moss in partnership with TopShop) and of the photos of the advertising campaign begins to circulate:


Will you know how to detect the style of the aforesaid collection? hu hu hu

This year, the twig was inspired indeed by the Moroccan lines and the style Indian of America: of the feathers, of the fringes to the jacket, the pearls, the colors earth, the striped printed matters and of the voluminous accessories that make cling-cling when one walks.

In other words, this summer will be exotic or won't be.



Hold on the last photo one would say that Kate Moss has an advantageous chest. Surely light.

ALTHOUGH HIM IN SOIT,  the collection that should be in store since today remained in the tradition of the accessible prices of the English mark: of 22 £ in 75 £.

The new collection of Gap pleases me

Yes perfectly. Even though Gap, they cram me a little to sell some tee shirts to 60 euros as if them himself appellaient Yves St. Laurent, it is not necessary to forget that they had already run an excellent campaign of pub with the song of Dispatch Fashion "Can't Get Enough."

For their new collection fall-winter 2008-2009, the American mark called on about twenty personalities for the photos in black and white (signed Mikael Jansson, Swedish fashion photographer).

Of the actors, the photographers, the creators and the sportsmen will wear clothes of the mark according to their own style. Actors Liv Tyler, Ginnifer Goodwins, or Hugh Dancy, were suitable notably to the game. And two young French actors, Clemency Poésies and Melvil Poupauds.

And therefore the principle it is that the personalities chosen for their style will carry in their way the Gap models in advertisements inviting to "create his/her/its own style of life". Kind WITHOUT STYLIST. The new collection reinterprets the classic pieces, of the dateless trench to the jacket made of leather, while passing by tee shirts V collar" and jeans.

All that to say that Liv is well pretty.

The new hot advertising campaign of Calvin Klein

The actress of 35 years Eva Mendes and model Jamie Dornan put back that with Calvin Klein: without tee shirt, with transparent underwear, the shiny torso, the couple photographed by Steven Klein is definitely sulfurous in this advertising campaign fall-winter 2009 2010.   trouvez you a room!    que I have just said?!    ou someone has just really made a plunge in the swimming pool, or doesn't it make sacrément chaud Evidemment, in black and white, the impact in is that bigger.

Jamie Dornan is visibly the favorite of the mark, it is the 3rd times in 4 years that he puts for Calvin Klein. Eva Mendès as for her is already the muse of the perfume Calvin Klein Secret Obsession and of Calvin Klein Underwear since two seasons.

Kiabi the fashion to small prices

Did you see as I make the slogan well?

Yesterday my Chloé girlfriend was in Toulouse and she carried a very cute top. When I asked him for what it was, she/it told me "a very cute top". Then I told to him: do "I well see that that is a very cute top, but WHAT MARK"?. And did it tell to me there that that was Kiabi.

One doesn't think enough about to be going to make the stores at Monoprix and Kiabi, whereas generally one can find some things a lot of owls, of the well cut pieces and not dear. Therefore I leave to search Internet in search of information kiabiesques.

And there, I discover a crucial info of which I must make you part: Kiabi celebrates its 30 years (that, one puts itself of it) and for the occas' the store sells a ton of articles to less of 30 euros (and not that of the socks, I hear), of October 22 to November 1st.

For example one finds some clothes quite a lot of the all like that:

and like that:

Of the costumes to be going to go for a walk in the country and to seem chic on departmental.

One leaves itself with a photo of an old Kiabi ad, for the fun,:

Keira Knightley puts for the t-shirts Red Nose Day

The Red Nose Day is an association English caritative, that organizes every year a special day to raise funds to fight against poverty in Africa and in England.

In 2009, the Red Nose Day (day of the red nose, in reference to the clowns) will have place March 13.

Mr. and Mrs. The whole World, the medias and several celebrities mobilize themselves for this action, and this year it is stylist Stella McCartney who drew tee shirts put on sale on the site.

The models is merely... Keira Knightley (that played notably in Pirates of the Caribs):



Madonna featuring and the Beatleses!

you can order the tee shirts on the site of Red Nose Day (enters 10 and 15 books).